Rezervin Help - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay any extra fee to subscribe to Rezervin or make reservation?
Rezervin is completely free of charge. You may make reservation without paying any subscription or commission fee.

What is the criterion for listing the restaurants on the home page?
. If the location authorization is active, all of the restaurants that have availability for booking a table for 2 will be listed according to the date and hour of your preference. If the location authorization is inactive, the restaurants will be listed in alphabetical order.

How do you select the restaurants to be included in Rezervin system?
Rezervin selects the restaurants from among high-quality restaurants focusing on offering the best service to its guests based on reservation system. New restaurants are added to the system every other day based on this principle.

How could I make reservation?
Rezervin, restaurant table reservation platform operates through various channels including its mobile application (IOS and Android) and website. For English, you can use Rezervin website,

Could I make reservation without subscription?
Unfortunately, we are unable to receive reservation requests unless you complete our subscription form. You may subscribe easily and rapidly by clicking on “Sign In” button.

Could I subscribe via Facebook?
You may subscribe to Rezervin by clicking on “Connect with Facebook” and using Facebook e-mail and password.

What does "average cost per person" referred to in Restaurant details mean?
The average cost per person could be explained as follows: t: 0-75 TL, tt: 75-125 TL, ttt: 125-200 TL, tttt: 200+ TL

How could I be sure that the reservation is confirmed?
When the reservation is made, the reservation details will be sent to your registered mobile phone via SMS as well as to your registered e-mail address.

Is it possible to view the restaurants according to preferred criteria?
Rezervin will display the available Rezervin restaurants based on the date and criteria you have selected in the search filters. In addition, you may display suitable restaurants according to specific categories.

Why is it important to keep the location status active?
You will be able to display the available restaurants close to your location as long as the location status is active.

Why should I authorize communications during subscription process?
Rezervin will communicate special offers and promotions to its subscribers if they provide the necessary authorization for marketing communication.

How could I change the communication authorization preferences?
Please send an email to to cancel or renew communication authorization preferences.

How will I be sure that any reservation made over Rezervin is communicated to the restaurant?
Thanks to the integration network between Rezervin and member restaurants, any reservation made over the website or mobile application will be communicated to the restaurant immediately and you will receive a confirmation including the reservation details simultaneously.

Is there any difference between using Rezervin website or mobile application and calling Rezervin call centre for reservation?
You may use any one of the available options as the same quota is provided to all the channels.

How do I view, change, or cancel a reservation?
All of the reservations made over the Rezervin website and mobile application are displayed under "My reservations" section. You may change the date and time of the reservation based on the availability of the restaurant or else you may cancel it completely.

What is your cancellation or no show policy?
We will remind you of your reservation on the reservation date via SMS. If you fail to go to the restaurant without cancelling the reservation despite our reminders, we are not imposing any penalty fee at the moment.

Which phones are suitable for Rezervin application?
All phones with iOS 7-8 and Android 4 and 5 operating systems are compatible with Rezervin application.

What should I do if I forget my e-mail address?
Please send an email to for support.

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